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Founded in London in 2014 , Digital Candy is a web design and web development agency now based in Hong Kong. With more than 12 years of experience working with SME E-commerce businesses, corporates and retail giants, Digital Candy boasts its eye for aesthetics, expertise in website development and e-commerce, flair in writing and a 360 degree understanding of the retail market.Here are some of our core values:Learn more about our Web Development and Design Service here.

  • Transparent communication and easily approachable with excellent response time
  • High-quality work
  • Passionate about what we do – we invest effort and love in our client’s projects
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Meet the team

  • Anthony Gatti Founder

    Anthony Gatti

    Web designer, developer, founder

    I have always been interested in web technology therefore went to a multi-media school and started my career as a designer and web developer. After about 7 years of professional experience in web technology and E-commerce, I created Digital Candy in 2014 in order to provide a better customer experience than I received while working with other agencies. My goal has always been to produce the best work possible, building projects the right way and based on data rather than intuition while making this process easy to follow for our customers.

  • Jeanette Tang Creative Designer

    Jeanette Tang

    Creative Designer

    I studied abroad in the U.K for almost half of my life (well..not telling you how many years :P). I studied fashion photography and fashion media styling at LCF. I learnt a lot during my time both at school and work in London where I developed my sense of creativity and design skills. Here I am now, applying my skills in Hong Kong! Currently, my main focus and interest is in planning and creating visuals. I enjoy finding props and building sets to shoot them! I hope to spread my vision around and create something fun!

Our partners & friends

  • Kuldeep Daftary Web Developer

    Kuldeep Daftary

    Web developer
  • Sebastian Mazur Designer

    Sebastian Mazur

    Web designer
  • Adrien Rossignol French PR

    Adrien Rossignol

    French PR


We are all about people, process and making better digital experiences. We work with brands & startups. We love clients with energy, open minds, and a desire to do the best for their customers.
We currently have 2 positions available within the company. Web designer & Front-end web developer. Please click on these links for more information!

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