Web Maintenance Service (Hong Kong)

We keep your website fresh, secured, backed-up, available at all time and advise you on your content strategy and internal linking while improving your SEO over time. All of this stress free.

web maintenance hong kong service

Good Web Maintenance means no hiccups, no stutters. Just good content, great design and smooth navigation while improving conversions over time.

The real work starts after the launch of your website! Having invested plenty of time, money and effort into creating a beautiful website, the maintenance thereafter is equally important to ensure that your target audience finds you and your content as quickly and easily as possible.


By web maintenance, we mean:

  • Optimising website traffic and performance
  • Ensuring a smooth and satisfying user experience while creating smart content
  • Improving the content and user experience based on data analysis
  • Keep your website secure, backed up and available at all time

Do you need our website maintenance service?

Let’s do a test together – this tool will help you better understand if your website needs improvement.


Please note that these tests may not reflect the actual user experience. They only highlight potential rooms for improvement

If you are interested in checking your website more thoroughly, we wrote a short article on the subject Test your website using multiple tools.

Our website maintenance service helps you focus on your business while knowing that the rest is properly taken care of.

Very often, our clients get caught with typical challenges and issues a lot of website owners encounter, such as low web traffic, high bounce rate, low conversion rate, no time or knowledge to properly create web content etc.

If you need help, please do ask and we will come back to you as soon as we can. In the mean time, read on to discover what this service includes.

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Every business has different needs

Our web maintenance service could be summarised in a few words:


SEO Optimisation

  • Keywords research
  • Code optimisation
  • Website structure and internal links
  • Smart Content creation
  • External links building


Availability & load time optimisation

  • Code optimisation
  • Server optimisation
  • Website monitoring
  • CDN, caching, compression
  • Asset optimum compression



  • SEO performance
  • Website performance reporting
  • Health check monitoring
  • Social Media reporting
  • Page load time reporting


Website content update

  • New feature development
  • Regular content update
  • New page template
  • Newsletters

Thanks to this service as well as our online marketing service you, our potential client, found out about us! We hope to have a chance to do the same for your website!

If you would like to boost your web traffic, increase your conversion rate and enhance online customer experience, contact us now. Our client’s success is our success. We will treat your business with as much care as we treat ours.

Let professionals handle the technical work

Whether you would like some low-maintenance monitoring over your web traffic and performance, or you are in dire need for major fixes, we are here to help.

Get in touch so we can discuss what your needs and get started

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