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Some background on our trouble cancelling our account/subscription

You will find below our experience trying to cancel our subscription to as well as the link allowing you to do so.

The folks at seem to think it’s a good idea to make cancelling your account as hard as possible. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong or if the website has now been updated but, when we tried to cancel our subscription, we could not find any page allowing us to do so. No ‘account cancellation’ page at all.. or at least, no link to it even from the FAQ.

We Googled around but still could not find any help so we sent an email and a message from their contact form. Again, no luck as we did not get any response.. so we took it to Twitter. Here is the conversation:

OMG, there is a link to cancel our subscription!

Here it is, sent the link from their official Twitter’s account. Thank you for this but would it not be better to add it to your website? This link should allow you to stop paying if you no longer need their service. Here it is

We hope that this will help some of you! Please do comment and share if that’s the case!

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