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Website development cost

You can jump directly to the website cost section or the Ecommerce website cost listing page. But first, here is a brief description of what is included in our various pricing packages.

The websites we create for our client would at least meet the following expectations:

  • Designed beautifully while reflecting the brand image accurately
  • Display and function perfectly on any type of device
  • Load quickly
  • SEO* friendly
  • Provide insights on user behaviour
  • Well-optimised (Both our designer and developer have over 10 years of professional experience)

Learn more about our Web Development and Design Service here.

Company, blogging and campaign websites also need to be regularly updated. This can be difficult especially for companies that don’t have in-house web developers. This is why it is very important that the software used to update the content of the website (CMS*) have to be very user-friendly and can easily be customised according to each project’s needs. We can also update your website with fresh content monthly. More information can be found here.

Even though the amount of time spent on each feature of a website varies, we always meet all the expectations listed above for all our projects regardless of the budget. We also customise our websites’ CMS* and client-facing interface for each project. Depending on your needs, all of this can be created with WordPress but other platforms like Processwire or Getsimple can also be used.

We Digital Candy are always here to provide advice on which website development platform to choose in order to achieve your goals. However, ultimately, it is you, our client, who will be in control of your website. Thus, we would adapt according to your preferences, such as which platform you are more accustomed to using.

*SEO: Search engine optimisation. more info
*CMS: Content Management System: software used to update the content of your website. more info

Website cost

Websites are like restaurants. Each one is different. The choice of dishes, the amount of courses, quality of the ingredients, etc contributes to the overall experience of the customer and define the final bill. This is why we are not able to put a price on a project before meeting our clients but just to give you an idea, here are a few packages for the creation, hosting and maintenance of all 3 types of websites.


Explore new ways to create your Blog, company and campaign website on our Online Agency website here. Digital Candy Online let’s you submit a new website request, sign-up to fully managed WordPress hosting, advanced and hands-on WordPress maintenance and more. All managed from your online dashboard and built for medium sized businesses.

  • Basic websites

    • Website built using our template
    • Minor Design amends allowed
    • Default CMS interface
    • Dedicated hardware resources with default server setup
    • Free SSL certificate setup
    • All minimum requirement are met

    Perfect for very small businesses with no specific design or feature requirement. This is the quickest and cheapest way to ship a well built website

    Website cost: From 65k HKD
    Hosting + Maintenance: From 500 HKD/month

  • High standard website with conventional needs

    • Website built on top of our template
    • Custom website feature development
    • Advanced design customisation
    • Moderate customisation of the CMS interface to ease website content creation
    • Dedicated hardware resources with advance server setup
    • Free SSL certificate setup
    • faster page load time with free CDN and code optimisation
    • All minimum requirement are met

    This package is ideal for small to medium sized businesses

    Website cost: From 95k HKD
    Hosting + Maintenance: From 500 HKD/month

  • Tailored made website with advanced features

    • Custom design with multiple rounds of client’s approval and sign off process
    • Custom code and pixel perfect implementation of custom design
    • Full customisation of the CMS interface to implement custom features and ease website content creation
    • Introduction to the website’s backend
    • Dedicated hardware resources with advance server setup
    • Free or advanced paid SSL certificate
    • Faster page load time with free or paid CDN and advanced code optimisation
    • Website monitoring
    • All minimum requirement are met

    This package gives you a cutting edge tailor made website

    Website cost: From 120k HKD
    Hosting + Maintenance: From 1k/month

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